Our Steel Mesh Screens are manufactured by knitting from DIN 17223 or TS 2500 steel spring wire in desired size, variety and mesh size. After the mesh screens are manufactured according to the wire diameter and pore spacing, the stretching sheets that will come to the side walls of the screen machine are made ready for use by using cold press and bending with DKP sheet. It can be produced in requested sizes with carbon steel material resistant to breakage and wear.

Steel Wire Mesh Screen Features

The chemical components of the steel wires we use in steel mesh screen wires; It is resistant to breakage and abrasion. It is made of spring steel wire with D65 hardness and in accordance with DIN EN-10270-1, DIN EN-10270-2, TS 2500 standards.

Steel Wire Mesh Screen Types

• Square Mesh (standard) Screens
• Rectangular Mesh Screens
• Skip Screens
• Rush Type Screens

What Should Be Done To Make Steel Mesh Screens Longer Life?

• Screens should be stored in a dry and closed place.
• A screen wick must be used during assembly.
• After the screen is stretched well from the edges with tension sheet, it should be fixed to the sheet bar with screen clamps.
• After the screen assembly is finished, the middle of the screen should appear as oval.
• After assembly, the machine should be run for a certain period of time without removing any material, and then the bolt gaps should be removed.
• Stretching should be done very well in order not to break the screen.
• The bent (finished) version of the screen should be 4 cm shorter than the size of the screen frame.