Product Information
  • SVS Decorative Wire Fences, which have a wide area of use, are produced in the desired wire diameter, mesh, knitted form, width and length in line with customer request.
  • It is produced from wire quality Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass and Stainless Chromium, Nickel wire.
  • Since SVS Decorative Wire mesh appeals to pleasure, eyes and architecture, the most important feature of being error-free and rigid is that it is serially produced on CNC controlled benches.
  • The other most important feature of SVS Decorative wire mesh is that the mesh does not have a main defect such as swaying and that all pores are rigid. This feature does not cause errors such as miter and misalignment during cutting and assembly.
  • Some varieties are produced as lump and can also be produced as plates in desired dimensions.

Product Information

Product Code: SVS Decor G130 SP with Rope
Feature: Stainless Wire Mesh
Wire Diameter: 1,5mm bar
Pore: 1.5X40 + 7mm