The story of this tale, which starts working with the sunrise and says “breakout” with the sunset, starts in 1945 in Karaköy, Thursday market.

Our company, which started to manufacture with the harsh and difficult conditions of the time of absence, joins the industrial caravan by manufacturing fly wire from the wire specified as metal thread in puzzles.

In the conditions of those days, production with weaving reels continues today with a chain of machines fully integrated with computer technology.

Today, our company, which manufactures in a closed area of ​​7.000 m2, also manufactures its own raw material, high-strength spring steel wire in state-of-the-art machines with cold drawn calibration method in accordance with DIN 17223 and TS 2500 standards.

Our company, which has expanded abroad in addition to machinery and building investments since 2002, serves its customers with sales points in South America and North Africa, especially in European countries.

Our company, which started to address different sectors with its increasing capacity and product variety, cooperated with Europe’s leading decorative mesh manufacturers and started to manufacture some items by way of procuring from abroad and some in its own facility.

  • In line with the total quality philosophy; To be one of the best companies in our industry in terms of customer-oriented approach, efficiency and quality performance.

    Our Vission

  • We provide value to our stakeholders by producing and delivering products that meet the expectations of our customers in high quality and on time.

    Our Mission

  • For Savaş Elek, which is leading wire wearing manufacturing company of our country and always appreciates its values and successful business practices, social sustainability is not just an ideal, but an organization and management philosophy that affects the vision and mission of the company and the daily work of all business partners and employees.

    Our Values

From 1945 to the present
Endless Excitement and Stability

Savaş Çelik Elek started its journey in the sector in 1945 with wire weaving production. Our company, which constantly renews itself according to the conditions of the day, has guided its journey in the sector by concentrating on steel screen production, which is one of its specialties for 75 years.

Our goal is to use the developing technology in the best way and to present our products to our customers with the highest quality, fastest and most affordable prices. For this purpose, we offer defect-free products to the needs of our customers by using all necessary standards at every stage of production.