SVS Decorative Wire meshes, which have a wide usage area, are produced in desired wire diameter, mesh, knitted form, width and length according to customer request.
Wire quality, Iron, Steel, Copper, brass or Stainless Cr.Ni. It is produced from wire.

SVS Decorative Wire Mesh is the most important feature of being error-free and rigid because it appeals to taste, eye and architecture, and is produced serially on CNC controlled machines.

The other most important feature of SVS Decorative wire meshes is that the meshes do not have a main defect such as shaking, and all of the pores are rigid. This feature does not cause errors such as moulding and misalignment at the time of cutting and assembly.

Some types can be produced as balls and also can be produced as plates in desired dimensions.


Mal tanımı / Name of product : svs decor inox 20 x 20
Yüzey  / Surface         : natural color of steel
Açık alan / Open area       : 67%
Gözenek   / Aperture : 20,0 x 20,0 mm
Thickness of wire   : 2,50 mm

İmalatçı firma  / Producer : Savaş Çelik Elek Üretim ve Paz. A.Ş.