Wire fences are used with concrete poles or pipe poles or in sports fields. Wire mesh offered in 2 different options is manufactured in desired height as PVC coated and hot dip galvanised coated.

Centred Wire

We carry out wholesale sales of spot welded cage wires manufactured by spot welding method in various mesh spacing, wire thickness, width and lengths. Material: Hot dipped galvanised welded wire, galvanised PVC coated welded wire. Galvanised by hot dip galvanising method after welding for resistance to rust and deformation. Areas of use: Ventilation ducts, poultry house and cage construction, fish farms, applications under plaster and plaster, automotive industry, manufacturing of small and small appliances and hobby uses, fryer manufacturing, kitchenware industry, culvert purposes, etc.

Storage Area Fences

It is used for partitioning storage areas in sites and apartments. It is made in the dimensions given according to the need. It is the most logical and practical panel solution.